Created for Global Game Jam 2016, for which the theme was "Ritual." In this beautiful arcade-like guessing game, there are four ingredients and three garnishes for making cocktails for demons. Each demon wants a particular drink but only describes one of the ingredients. Get at least one ingredient right to score points. Get extra points for getting both ingredients right and picking the right garnish! Make as many patrons happy as possible before time runs out!

Click and drag ingredients to the glass to add them to the drink. You can choose two liquids and one garnish to mix up your creation.


Art and Design - Mila Pokorny

Programming and Design - Alex Raymond

Drink Names - Camden Segal

Music and sound effects via

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Published1 year ago
PublisherGlobal Game Jam 2016
Release date1 year ago
Tagsdemons, mixology, vector-graphics
Average durationA few minutes

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